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A special thanks to all the countless nameless and known people who brought Gundam into existence. It was many years of their effort that made all of this possible. I hope that my work here shows as great homage to them and their efforts!

Below you will find a listing crediting the individuals responsible for various aspects of this site or mod!

Modeling: Steve (Smoth) Smith
Animation: Steve (Smoth) Smith
Texturing: Steve (Smoth) Smith

Gundam Sounds
Voice acting: Steve (Smoth) Smith, Lance (spec) Trahan, Krystal (panda) Longmire
Gun noises: Anonymous clips from the net
Misc sounds: Steve (Smoth) Smith
Mech sounds: 08th ms team, 0083 stardust memory

Unit guide help:
Unit Guide: J5Mello, Smoth, Aun
Squad suggestions: J5Mello, Smoth
Images: Smoth


Unit Repricer Tool:

Play testers:

Forboding Angel, J5mello, Flintlock, Decimator, Fang, Spec, AF, Overdamage, Das Bruce, Knorke, Wasp, KDR_11k



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