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Gundam RTS is one of many game package for the Engine Spring. Gundam RTS runs in the spring engine, best of all it is FREE! You will need to download and install Spring before you can play Gundam RTS. The latest version of spring can be found at this location. The Spring engine is open source and you will find many maps to play Gundam RTS in!

The Spring engine has it's own support forum that is specific to Spring. Gundam does not have a forum there. I have my own forum located at I hope I come across you guys on the game servers and good luck in your battles.

I do recommend that you install spring on a drive that has at least 7 gigabytes free. All the maps can take up a lot of hardrive space!

The current version(1.11) is located here:
Gundam 1.11f5

Where do I put Gundam!
In your spring directory:

How to setup AAI to run Gundam!
*taken down due to outdated file*

Let me know if you have any problems.


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