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About Gundam RTS

"Giant Japanimation-style robots smashing each other to junk is the gist of Gundam Annihilation. What more could you want?"

This project to place the Gundam Universe into spring game format. The project does not stray into any of the side universes of Gundam. It stays loyally within the "UC" or Universal Century time line. This was done because there are no enjoyable Gundam RTS or table top games. In the history of modding there has yet to be a complete Gundam project, which is shocking when one considers the world-wide popularity of the anime.



Gundam RTS.
I, Steve(Smoth)Smith do not yield permission, rights to modify, disassemble parts of this project for use in any work. I expect the project to be recognized as a single entity which unless specifically granted, no one has permission to modify or use outside of it's purpose.

Unless I have given specific permission, I do not permit the modification of any asset belonging to Gundam RTS. However, if requested permission may be given, at my discretion, to an individual allowing use or modification for a specific asset of the
project. Such permission will not relinquish my rights to the work contained in Gundam RTS. If I do choose to permit the usage of Gundam RTS assets, such usage will be limited to that asset of the project and nothing else.

I encourage distribution of Gundam RTS as a whole package, I only require that this mod is credited to me as a product of my work and that Bandai is recognized as the copyright holder of all designs, names and fiction related to Gundam. It may not be distributed under any license other then the license written here.

This is a
project for Spring, it may be used in Spring as game content, screenshots maybe taken and used as promotional material for, Bandai, Gundam RTS or Spring. Videos may be recorded and used as promotional material for Bandai, Spring or Gundam RTS. Gundam RTS is not to be modified, it may only be used as a game package for spring RTS.

Assets include but not limited to:
All artwork(models, textures, effects art), scripting, effects scripts.

This means NO ONE HAS PERMISSION TO modify and/or use any part of my mod for their work. I am not releasing it as open source etc because I do not have any license over the work. However, it is my work(scripting, modeling, texturing) and I retain the right to said work as my own for use as I see fit.


Q: Who made this project ?
A: Me, just one obsessed dude who wanted to see a completed Gundam project happen.

Q: What exactly is this project ?
A: Well, simply put I have not been happy with the lack of Gundam PC games out there. The ones that do come to the states tend to be poorly executed and NEVER for the PC. That aside, I am tired of half baked project ... not naming any.... but some have yet to come out and others tend to be half baked attempts. I wanted something a bit more complete. Something that isn't half-way implemented. Something I could play for years.

Q: What series does this project plan to cover?
A: Well officially, I plan on covering what I can from the EF versus Zeon conflicts. So in short I want to loosely cover 0079-0083. I do add a few things from the video games, extra stuff like MSV and side stories.

Q: Are you going to give the mechs stats by the book?
A: First of all... it is FICTION... that being said I will try and faithfully carry out the execution the mecha and vehicles of the anime. Some things may have to change in the interest of balance or game constraints. Certain aspects have to be ignored or redesigned.

For example the EF use a "light GM" for construction. After all the Ball would look goofy floating on the ground and animating a construction crew would have been a nightmare.

Q: Why in the heck are you not doing space?
A: I love 8th ms team. It is that simple. Also Spring only allows for units to have 1 mode of travel. so mechs utilizing their verniers/thrusters wouldn't be possible. Oh... and Norris OWNS YOU!

Q: what new units are planned for future expansion?


Zaku cannon
Zaku sniper
Fat Uncle
Gelgoog sniper
Gyan marine
Gyan Cannon
Gyan High mobility


Q: What tools did you use?


Wings3d 0.98.29b
3do-builder+ 2.1
Scripting/ misc unit files:
Scriptor 1.0
FBIEd 4.0
MGI Photosuite LE 6.5

Note: it is highly unlikely at this point that there could have been something I missed or would want to put in. However, I may still consider a suggestion and no, I do not plan on Gundam Wing or Seed.


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