It’s funny that my first post in almost a year will involve a small cassette-driven ‘robot’. Suspend, for a moment, any questions or curiosities, and instead attempt to fill yourself with the same childlike warmth that I feel. Got it? Good!

I don’t come from a wealthy family. Growing up we had few luxuries. Things like big-screen TVs, computers, hell, even GI Joe action figures… The point is, gift giving seasons like Christmas, birthdays, and report cards required careful thought and planning. My brother and I couldn’t ‘waste’ a present on something useless or short-term. Before we owned a computer (Apple IIe) I asked for nothing but gadgets. One notable and memorable toy was 2-XL from Hasbro (then only Tiger Electronics).

2-XL was a really neat approach at educating kids using fun! Well, at least thats what I think they were trying to do. There were two models, a cassette version and 8-track version. Check the link below for a small glimpse at my childhood!

I gotta say, the coolest thing was pulling 2-XL out after I’d grown a bit, and playing the Black album. The robot seemed to sing the lyrics to the songs. All in all, pretty sweet!